Our company offers turnkey, production lines and laboratories.
When faced with the need to equip your laboratory for production, many questions arise, including:

1. What analyzes should be performed,
2. What analysis methods should be chosen,
3. Selection of production or quality control equipment that meets the requirements of the standards,
4. GMP, GLP, etc. of your laboratory or production facility. design, planning and selection of furniture in accordance with other relevant standards,
5. Selection and supply of raw materials for production, chemicals for laboratory,
6. Development of cards that will manage production and quality control processes,

And more ... And most importantly, how can you save money on this work?
We can handle all these issues! We will provide you with simple and affordable solutions.
We will prepare a laboratory project that suits you as soon as possible, explaining the necessity or, conversely, the futility of some things. We are always ready to help you to quickly and timely organize your laboratory at the desired level, prepare for accreditation, provide professional staff.
To get acquainted with our terms of service, prices and discounts, you can write to our e-mail  or  or call +994502542187.