Pressure equipment calibration

By using highly accurate testing devices and equipment, our calibration technicians are able to perform calculations of pressure to ensure that  various types of pressure measurement devices are outputting the correct readings. We are able to carry out pressure calibrations on
•    vacuum gauges,
•   pressure gauges 
•   chart recorders/data loggers, 
•   digital pressure gauges, 
•   digital manometers, 
•   PRV,  PSV
•   pressure transmitters, pressure transducers and etc.
Calibration range: -1 ÷ 1000 bar.

Electrical Calibration Services

Our calibration lab is suitable for carrying out procedures on a wide variety of different types of electrical testing equipment.
We can perform calibration procedures on the following electrical tools and test equipment: 
•   ammeters, voltmeters, 
•   digital multimeters,
•   clamp meters,
•   resistance boxes, resistance meters,
•   process meter
•   frequency counters
•   ground/earth tester
•   electrical calibrators and etc.
Calibration range:  0÷1000 V (AC/DC), 0÷10 A (AC/DC), 0.1 pF-1 µF (AC/DC), 0.001 Ω-1 TΩ, 0÷100 kHz

Sound  Calibration

Our team is able to calibrate all makes and models of sound meters accurately, quickly and for great low prices.
Regular calibration of your sound equipment ensures that all test results are as accurate as possible.
Our professional calibration laboratory technicians are able to match your sound meter against a known standard in order to ensure that your device is working within acceptable sound level parameters.
Calibration range: 94 dB÷114 dB (1 kHz)

Temperature Calibration

Thermometers and other types of temperature test equipment are 
susceptible to drift, as is a majority of test and measurement equipment. 
The only way to be sure our temperature measurements are correct is to 
use calibrated temperature instruments or thermometer. 
We offer calibration on the following devices:   
•   Digital Thermometer
•   Resistance Thermometer
•   Liquid in Glass Thermometer
•   Thermocouples
•   Temperature transmitters
•   Temperature controller
•   Climatic chambers, furnaces, ovens, liquid baths and etc.
Calibration range: -45 ÷700 °C

Non-contact thermometer calibration

They measure the temperature from a distance without any contact and for 
this reason, they are sometimes called non-contact thermometers, 
temperature guns or laser thermometers (if a laser is used to help aim the 
These thermometers measure temperature from a portion of the thermal 
radiation (sometimes called blackbody radiation) emitted by the object 
being measured.
We are able to carry out calibrations on:
•   Infrared Thermometer
•   Thermal Imaging Camera
•   Thermal Camera
Calibration range: -35 ÷500 °C

Humidity and dew point meter calibration

Using our reference humidity generator we can calibrate a wide range of  
humidity and dew point equipment:
•   Hygrometers
•   Moisture Meters
•   Dew Point Meters and Probes
Calibration range: (5 ÷50)° C, (5 ÷ 95) % RH

Physicochemical equipment calibration

We are able to calibrate many makes and models of laboratory equipment. Our laboratory technicians can correct measurement drifts and ensure that all test instruments are performing correctly and conform to all manufacturer standard.
We offer calibration on the following equipment:
•   Breathalyzer
•   pH Meter
•   Conductivity Meter, TDS Meter
•   Rotational viscometers 
•   Refractometer
Calibration range: (0÷50) µg/cm², (0 ÷ 20000) µS/cm, (-2 ÷ 16) pH, (0.000÷3.000) g/cm3 (0 ÷ 4.18) ‰, (0 ÷ 2,5) mg/l, (0÷1000000) cP, (1.3330 ÷ 1.7000) nD, 0÷100 % Brix


Optical physics equipment calibration

We can perform calibration procedures on the following equipment: 
•   Spectrophotometer
•   Photoelectric Colorimeter
•   Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
•   Electromagnetic Yoke
Calibration range:  (0÷100) % Т; (190÷1100) nm, 0÷1000 mm, 0.6 ÷ 10 MHz, 0÷120 dB, 5930±30 m/s, 4.5 kg, 18 kg

Gas detectors calibration

Calibration is the exposing of the sensor to a certified concentration of gas for a particular length of time. The calibration process verifies that the gas 
detector is providing accurate readings. Without regular calibrations, the gas level readings will become less and less true as time passes.

Calibration range: (0÷1500) ppm CO
(0÷18)% CO2
(0÷40)% O2
(0÷150) ppm NO2
(0÷100) % LEL CH4
(0÷500) ppm H2S
(0÷1000) ppm NO

Scale Calibration

Our team of highly trained professionals are able to calibrate a wide 
variety of scales. 
We are able to perform calibrations in-house using our  calibration lab; 
alternatively, if this is not convenient we can provide on-site calibrations 
at your premises.
We offer calibration on the following scales:
•   Precision Balances
•   Laboratory Scales
•   Analytical Balances
•   Electronic Weighing Scales
•   Industrial Scales and etc.
Calibration range: 1 mg÷1500 kg

Torque Calibration

Calibration of torque instruments is essential to maintaining their accuracy and 
Our team of calibration technicians are able to calibration on the following torque 
•   Torque Wrenches
•   Torque Screwdrivers
Calibration range: 1.25÷1500 Nm

Measurement & Dimensional Calibration

Our laboratory can perform a calibration on a wide spectrum of 
measuring devices including:
•   Calipers
•   Micrometers
•   Rules
•   Thickness Gauge
•   Dial Indicator
•   Surface Roughness Meter
•   Protractors
•   Penetrometer and etc.
Calibration range: 0÷1500 mm, 0÷500 mkm, 0÷30 m, 0º÷360º