Gas Chromatography Systems with Pressure Stations

Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions offers an Oxygenates Analyzer to determine oxygenate traces in Hydrocarbon Matrices according to ASTM D7059, D7423 and D7754.

Trace Oxygenates Analysis

The DVLS LowOx Analyzer contains a PTV inlet with backflush to detect the oxygenate traces with the FID detector. The use of the PTV inlet with backflush configuration allows to backflush the heavier matrix components without contaminating the inlet and columns.

Ethylene is injected by a Gas Sampling Valve. Injection of liquefied gasses can be done either by a Liquid Sampling Valve or Gas Sampling Valve. A Pressure Station is used for sample handling prior to the analysis. Liquid samples are injected by the Automatic Liquid Sampler.

The sample will be separated using an pre-column followed by an analytical column and by using a heart cut deans switch. The oxygenates will then be separated by carbon number. Pre-column and the analytical column are linked. High boiling point compounds are retained in the pre-column. Oxygenates and low boiling point hydrocarbon elute into analytical column. Oxygenates are trapped at the front of the analytical column. The high boiling compounds are then transferred to the monitor column and detected by the FID.