About company

Founded in 2016, KARFO SLA LLC has been operating in three main areas, including production, quality control and research. These areas include oil and gas refineries, electricity generators, chemical and petrochemical plants, water and sewage treatment, aerospace and defense, aviation and transport, marine and navy, plastic and polymer production, construction, construction and other enterprises. We focuses on providing comprehensive engineering solutions, as well as various chemicals and reagents for laboratories and industrial equipment for organizations and industries.


Our young, energetic and qualified team, formed in a short period of time, successfully implements various tasks and projects in our country in the fields of management, sales, marketing, order development, technical service and training. We are trying to expand our activities beyond the borders of our country and intend to become a reputable regional company operating as a sales and service representative for many leading companies in oil, fuel, gas, water, food, industry and other fields.


Our product portfolio includes a wide range of products from companies that are known around the world and have a leading position in their industry. Our team of trained and experienced professionals are able to easily meet the diverse desires and needs of our customers for production and quality control, choose from wide range of products-solutions and select the most suitable product and application for them in short time. In addition to providing appropriate services to devices in need of repair and maintenance, our specialists are constantly conducting research and investigations for the development of new products and new applications.


In addition to production and quality control equipment, our company is engaged in the supply of a wide range of chemicals, from raw materials used in production to high-purity chemicals used in laboratory analysis. Among our customers, there are companies and organizations like SOCAR, Azerenergy OJSC, Azersu OJSC, ANAS, PMD Group and others. The products we supply include various types of acids, alkalis, antisclants, flocculants, depressants, inhibitors, food additives, emulsifiers and etc. 


As a KARFO team, we are confident that we are ready to work together with you to achieve your goals, and we are pleased to support you by overcoming any difficulties you may face on the way to success.